About Rusty


I’m an artist who writes ‘things’ in between paintings. I live in two little cottages knocked through and arranged on three floors, currently on their way down the mountain. When the builder told us recently that there was ‘movement’ we could see he was only trying to be kind with his understatement. There’s one thing we’re never short of here in Wales and that’s rain. Once it starts it just doesn’t know when to stop. We have lovely views though, straight  over the valley and the mountain rising up majestically clothed in drifting mists is heavenly.

I had to take early retirement from my English teaching job (23 years) through a life threatening illness  which certainly focuses the mind.  Now I  have plenty of time to indulge my creative side.  I spend my days writing (a novel at the moment) and trying to keep up with my painting for various exhibitions  which  I keep foolishly agreeing to. I think the internet is an incredible invention that we now all take for granted as if it had always been here just like all the other technological miracles such as mobile phones and  laptops etc.  It’s opened  up a whole new world  and I just can’t get enough of it!! Sad really!  The great thing about being retired is the freedom from the staff-room politics, all that plotting and back-stabbing and jockeying for position. Now no one tells me what to do!! It’s brilliant! You really should try it! Why wait till you’re on the point of dropping dead?


2 Responses to “About Rusty”

  1. brucehood Says:

    Hi Rusty,

    I found you through the wordpress next function that takes you randomly to new blogs.

    So hello there.



    • Hello Bruce! Happy NewYear! How are you? I’ve just been reading through some of your tracts about Descartes. Very interesting and rather pertinent because I’m staying in France at present. I’ve also been reading some reviews about your book, ‘Supersense’. I must say I’m very curious about your ideas on the human reliance on supernatural beliefs. Anyway, take care and have a great week.

      Regards from Rusty

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