A Fragment from Gumilev (2). Translated from the Russian by Simon R Gladdish



There were Pleiades in the sky, as on a woman’s dress,

Diamonds, full of fire.

Her brothers walked patrols,

And every one of them wanted to destroy me.

But I sneaked into her like a serpent.

Already she was undressed for bed

And said: ” I won’t be yours,

Why won’t you meet me openly? “

But anyway gave into me, we used

A counterpane to cover up the traces.

So we came there where calyxes of white lilies

Stand proudly in the middle of the water.

There I took her head in my hands and

She threw her arms around my torso.

How hot her mouth was, her shining breasts

Could only be compared to mirrors,

Her eyes were timid, as the eyes of a gazelle

With her young calf,

And since then the stupefying smell

Of musk in my bed is ineradicable.

… But what’s the matter? Why you are crying?


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