Ocean by Rusty Gladdish


The steep and craggy cliffs drop dizzily down

Into a sparkling turquoise ocean.

The gentle waves glint glasslike in the sun;

The everchanging  seascape in perpetual motion

Lies reposed and tranquil when the day is done.





When mercurial winds shift and change direction

And stormy skies are glowering grey,

The restless surface rearranges textures

Whilst the glowing lighthouse guides

The great ships safely to the bay.


The tempest rages till its fury’s spent

On ragged rocks and surging billowing tides;

And heavy leaden skies relent

Parting their gloomy features in a smile.

And all at once the ocean’s smooth as silk;

Hardly a ripple or a breeze disturbs the fickle sea

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